Jim Phillips


Jacksonville, NC


Greetings and welcome to my profile, my name is Jim Phillips. I am a formally trained artist with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Commercial Design and a minor in painting. Outside my normal college studies include a summer spent in Italy where I studied Italian and Italian Art History while taking a life study class as well. Even though my career was based in the graphic arts, the work represented here is photographed digital reproductions of my fine art paintings only, no graphic design or digital painting will be represented on this site.

The Impressionists forsook literary and anecdotal subjects and, indeed, rejected the role of imagination in the creation of works of art. Instead they observed nature closely, with a scientific interest in visual phenomena. Although they painted everyday subjects, they avoided the vulgar and ugly, seeking visual realism by extraordinary stylistic means. By this definition I consider myself as a contemporary artist painting in an Impressionistic Style. I was originally trained as an oil painter, however over the last several decades of my 45 year painting career, my focus has been on both an English style of watercolor and a more modern traditional use of acrylics on stretched canvas or canvas panel. One of my favorite Impressionist artist was Claude Monet and he best describes how I feel about trying to label my style of painting. He was quoted as saying, “People discuss my art and pretend to understand as if it were necessary to understand, when it’s simply necessary to love.” Like Monet it is my desire that you not spend your time trying to label or define my work, but rather to simply enjoy it.

I currently teach acrylic painting classes through the Division of Continuing Education at Coastal Carolina Community College. you may check online at Coastal’s website, for class scheduling information. Each Spring I add a Plein Aire class for those local artist ready to carry their painting skills outdoors.

I belong and support two of my local Arts Councils in both Onslow and Carteret counties. I also enjoy painting with en plein aire group called OOPS (Onslow Outdoor Painters Society) which is my local county's group, but also belong to the North Carolina Plein Aire Painters as well. You may visit OOPS at their blog at or the state's site at

I have presented on this site a full range of ways to purchase printed versions of my artwork, however I do sell original artwork and accept commission work as well. You may contact me through the email service on this site.


Smokey Mountain Trail by Jim Phillips


Lost in Mississippi by Jim Phillips


Country Lane by Jim Phillips


Nobody's at the Fish Camp by Jim Phillips


Garden Table by Jim Phillips


Summer Dream by Jim Phillips


The Ivy Landmark by Jim Phillips


Family Meeting by Jim Phillips


Gull's Playground by Jim Phillips


The Early Snow by Jim Phillips


Gull's View of Hatteras by Jim Phillips


Something Old Something New by Jim Phillips


Small and Quaint Marina by Jim Phillips


Away From Her Chores by Jim Phillips


Good Look'n Couple by Jim Phillips


Autumn Walk by Jim Phillips


The Right Invitation by Jim Phillips


Knockouts by Jim Phillips


Waves by Jim Phillips


Southwest Landscape by Jim Phillips


Contrasting Daisies by Jim Phillips


The Courtyard by Jim Phillips


Backyard Beauties by Jim Phillips


Wilderness Falls by Jim Phillips


Ready to Fish by Jim Phillips


Carolina Wetlands by Jim Phillips


American Farmhouse by Jim Phillips


Around the Bend by Jim Phillips


10 Going On 21 by Jim Phillips


Protestant Chapel at USMC Camp Lejeune by Jim Phillips


Best Friends by Jim Phillips


Forest Lights by Jim Phillips


Wild Things by Jim Phillips


Vase Full of Sunshine by Jim Phillips


The Arrangement by Jim Phillips


The Smokies by Jim Phillips


Dig and They Will Come by Jim Phillips


Let's Find Some Shrimp by Jim Phillips


Flock of Daisies by Jim Phillips


Impression of Venice by Jim Phillips


Make the Time by Jim Phillips


Have a Nice Do Nothing Day by Jim Phillips


Intercoastal Waterway by Jim Phillips


First Tee by Jim Phillips


The Back 40 by Jim Phillips


Breezy Blue Skies by Jim Phillips


Closer to the Ocean by Jim Phillips


Sunny Day in Charleston by Jim Phillips